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    PLEASE NOTE: (1) This website list supersedes all previous lists. (2) All stamps listed are mint never hinged, except Paraguay where the 3 sets listed are used, and under Barbuda we added the rarest of all Disney FDCs.  (3) This listing lists all Disney Omnibus issues complete to the end of 1998, when the licensee, IGPC of New York lost it’s license to distribute Disney stamps. Other Disney issues by various countries both prior and subsequent to the Disney Omnibus series have been added (4) Prices are subject to change without notice. (5) Although all Supplements are listed, only the ones with prices are in stock. Please note that blank pages are available until supplies last, and will not be reprinted. As of Nov 20, appx 400 blank pages are in stock.

    IMPORTANT: We now know that Disney issues have been issued in far smaller quantities than originally anticipated, in some cases no more than 10,000 per set or S/S. This has resulted in price increases over the past few years, in many cases more than catalogue value, as almost no wholesale stocks are available in North America. We have made every effort to keep our prices low, especially in cases where we had large stocks. Nevertheless increases have occurred, especially in the years 1995-8, where printing quantities were very low in comparison to previous years. NOTE: Areas left blank indicate no items were issued under that category, N/A indicates that the item is presently not in stock.

Calgary Winter Olympics - 1988
Our Set # Scott # Country Description # of Values Complete Set S/S Sheetlet
131 631-9 Bhutan Calgary Olympics. S/S I #639 shows Goofy ski jumping 8 $9.95 $4.70
Thrill Sports - 1992
Our Set # Scott # Country Description # of Values Complete Set S/S Sheetlet
230 2037-45 Grenada Thrill and Wild Sports. S/S #2045 - Roller Blade Hockey 8 $12.80 N/A
Disney Winter Sports - 1993
Our Set # Scott # Country Description # of Values Complete Set S/S Sheetlet
278 1484-93 Gambia Winter Sports. S/S #1493 shows Goofy Cross Country Skiing 9 $13.55 $5.65

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