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Wonderful World of Stamps is the largest dealer in Russian and world-wide topical locals in North America. These Russian locals are issued on behalf of various breakaway and renegade Russian Republics. The topical issues from other countries on this site, are not authorized by the countries noted. These locals span the topical spectrum, and include most popular topics. They are NOT VALID for postage, and cannot be exhibited in competitive exhibitions, but they are, nevertheless, extremely popular because of their lively and colorful designs, easy accessibility, and, very important for you the collector, their affordability. We have the most complete stock of these locals in North America and GUARANTEED at the lowest prices. If you find a lower price on the Internet, let us know, and we will match it, and throw in a bonus. (One per order only). Please also note that although Russian Locals catalogues, Parts I and II were issued some years ago, they were immediately sold out, and are now out of print.
For further information, please do not hesitate to email us, fax, write or call us.

DEALERS PLEASE NOTE: We offer quantity discounts to all dealers supplying bonafide proof of dealership. Please email us for information!

PLEASE NOTE: Cat #'s for all Russian Locals are in fact our own Item #'s for these stamps.

Cat # Description Price
1618 Deng Xio Peng, Chinese leader on nice S/S $1.50
Cat # Description Price
2184 Churchill, and British Royalty on souvenir sheet $3.50
Easdale Island (Scotland)
Cat # Description Price
186 Hong Kong returns to China S/S showing Chairman Deng with Prime Minister Thatcher $3.75
Cat # Description Price
936 President Dwight Eisenhower, sheetlet of 6 $2.00
Cat # Description Price
935 Pres. Franklin Roosevelt, sheetlet of 6 $2.00
Cat # Description Price
1896 World people and events sheetlet of 9 diff incl: Rabin and Arafat, Gorbachev, Diana, Regan, etc. $3.75
Cat # Description Price
1421 Superb Europa '99 sheetlet I of 16 diff with many diff subjects incl Pope, Yeltsin, Clinton $7.50
1422 Superb Europa '99 sheetlet II of 16 diff with many diff subjects incl Pope, Yeltsin, Clinton $7.50
Cat # Description Price
1647 Mao Tse Tung on S/S $2.50
Sacha Yakutia
Cat # Description Price
730 Lenin S/S of 4 diff issued for Asia '97 in Thailand $2.00
Cat # Description Price
1589 Pope John Paul, Mother Theresa and Pres and Nancy Reagan on composite sheetlet of 9 $4.00
Cat # Description Price
768 Chairman Mao on S/S of 4 diff $1.50
Cat # Description Price
362 Diana imperf sheetlet of 4 with Mandela, Reagan, Hillary N/A

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