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1) All stamps are mint never hinged, and sold in complete sets unless stated otherwise. Click here for abbreviations used in identifying the condition or type of item listed.
2) Scott cat #'s are always used, unless the cat # is preceded by a letter in parenthesis designating the catalogue used. The letters are as follows:
(G) Gibbons      (M) Michel       (Y) Yvert
Where the catalogue number reads 3 alpha and 3 numeric characters - AUS005 - it simply means that we have no cat # number available at the time the item was entered, and we are using our own numbering system to locate stock when ordered. These items will always appear at the end of a country listing. Such items will be updated when the cat # becomes available, and will automatically appear in the correct chronological sequence.
3) First Day Covers, maximum cards, and other philatelic items will always be identified as such.
4) Our pricing policy is simple. We have no fixed % off catalogue. It is common knowledge that Scott prices thousands of items, well below their true market value as evidenced by the pricing structure almost everywhere else in the philatelic world. Consequently our prices are based on our ability to purchase the material as low as possible from dozens of sources around the world. When we purchase real bargains, the savings are passed on to you. We are not the highest priced dealer, nor the lowest, but you will find across the board, that our prices are fair and equitable. Having said this, no item is sold below 0.25, regardless of catalogue value or condition. Given the work involved in eventually uploading all items with images, it is not economically viable to sell any items below 0.25.
5) Every so often we will offer specials that may last as much as a month or for a few days only. These offers will be listed in our NEWSLETTER LINK ONLY, so we urge you to bookmark our site, visit often and keep abreast of what's new and exciting via our newsletter link.

Cat # Cond/Type Description Price
151 MNH Shakespeare - 400th Ann of his death $0.25
165-61 MNH WHO headquarters $0.65
183-5 MNH UNESCO - 20th Ann $1.40
193-4 MNH Coats of Arms $0.30
203-7 MNH Tourism $1.05
213-6 MNH 300th Ann Antigua Parliament $0.70
316-20 MNH Christmas 1973 - religious art $0.90
320a MNH Christmas 1973 sheetlet of 5 diff + label $1.35
321-2 MNH Wedding of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips $3.00
368 MNH Ship with surcharge - hi value only N/A
405-22 MNH Large definitive value set with numerous topics, mosty birds and flowers $11.90
459-63 MNH 25th Ann reign of Queen Elizabeth II N/A
508-12 MNH 25th Ann Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II N/A
508-12.1 MNH 25th Ann Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II - sheetlets of 3 sets $5.25
513 MNH 25th Ann Coronation queen Elizabeth II - S/S $1.40
524-6 MNH Christmas 1978 $0.90
584-5 MNH Queen Mother Elizabeth - 80th Birthday N/A
623-5 MNH Wedding of Prince Charles and Diana $1.30
623-6 MNH Wedding of Prince Charles and Diana - set + S/S $2.65
744 MNH 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles - Volleyball, S/S $2.65
759 MNH Flowers S/S $2.80
1112-5 MNH Sailing week $2.30
1283 MNH 500th Ann of Columbus - marine life S/S I with corals and fish $3.50
1284 MNH 500th Ann of Columbus - marine life S/S II with corals and ships $3.50
1293 MNH Expo '90 in Tokyo - flower S/S I $3.50
1294 MNH Expo '90 in Tokyo - flower S/S II $3.50
1303 MNH Reef fish S/S $4.90
1344-7 MNH Italy 1990 World Cup Soccer series overprinted with winner's name $5.75
1360-7 MNH Christmas 1990 $8.85
1369 MNH Christmas 1990 painting by Fra Angelico S/S $3.50
1399 MNH Cog railway S/S I with baseball game N/A
1400 MNH Cog railway S/S II $4.90
1411-18 MNH 500th Ann Discovery of America $9.95
1505-7/10 MNH Christmas 1991 - one part of separately issued 2 part set $4.05
1511 MNH Christmas 1991 S/S with Fra Angelico painting $4.75
1520/2/4/5 MNH Mushrooms - one part of separately issued 2 part set $5.55
1527 MNH Mushrooms S/S I $5.05
1541-8 MNH Dinosaurs N/A
1549 MNH Dinosaurs S/S - Apatasaurus $3.70
1559 MNH Easter 1992 S/S I with painting by Altdorfer $4.55
1560 MNH Easter 1992 S/S II with painting by Juan Masip N/A
1569 MNH Granada '93 stamp exhibition S/S of painting $4.75
1579-86 MNH Hummel figurines N/A
1601 MNH ASDA Postage Stamp Mega-Event in 1992 in New York S/S with NY skyline and Madison Square Gardens $4.20
1602a-i MNH Elvis Presley, 15th Ann of his death, sheetlet of 9 diff $7.00
1607 MNH Edison and Latimer, inventors of the phonograph on S/S I $4.35
1608 MNH Robert Fulton on S/S II inventor of the steamboat $4.40
1622/30 MNH Konrad Adenauer - 25th Ann of his death. 2 stamps part of large set $3.35
1632 MNH Zeppelin S/S with autograph of Dr. Hugo Eckener $4.95
1633 MNH Hindenburg dirigible on S/S I $3.85
1634 MNH Konrad Adenauer on S/S II $3.85
1650-7 MNH Flowers N/A
1651-2/5-6 MNH Flowers - part of separately issued 2 part set $5.00
1658 MNH Bird Lime Tree flower S/S I $4.60
1659 MNH Fairy Lily S/S II $4.60
1661 MNH Humpack Whale endangered species S/S $3.25
1685 MNH 450th Ann of Copernicus S/S $3.50
1689-90 MNH Poland '93 stamp exhibition with paintings $2.30
1691 MNH Poland '93 stamp exhibition with S/S of painting by Witkiewicz $4.55
1692 MNH President Clinton $2.80
1693 MNH President Clinton and Hillary $4.55
1694-5 MNH 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer $3.85
1696 MNH 1994 Winter Olympics S/S with women's speedskating medallists $4.40
1718 MNH Dr. Hugo Eckner, aviation pioneer and dirigible on S/S N/A
1764a MNH Hong Kong '094 stamp exhibition $0.85
1764a.1 MNH Sheetlet of 5 pairs ships for Hong Kong '94 exhibition $4.20
1777a-g MNH Sierra Club sheetlet of 8 with # 1776h $8.40
1795 MNH Orchids of Antigua S/S N/A
1808 MNH Marine Life S/S with sea horse $4.55
1816 MNH Johann Olav Koss, olympic speedskating multiple gold medallist S/S $3.85
1832 MNH Kitty Wells, Western country singer on S/S N/A
1834 MNH Hank Williams Sr, country western singer on S/S N/A
1846 MNH Graf Zeppelin $1.40
1856 MNH Magnificent Frigate Bird on S/S $3.50
1904 MNH UN 50th Ann S/S with signatures of signers of UN Charter and Roosevelt $3.70
1907 MNH Rotary Int'l - 90th Ann $3.85
1917 MNH Mining bee on S/S $3.85
1920a-d MNH Slices of Caribbean Life on S/S of 4 stylized paintings $5.45
1921-6 MNH Church $4.40
1927 MNH Greenbay Moravian Church S/S $3.85
1929 MNH Cally Lily flower on S/S N/A
1941 MNH Australia Railways S/S I $4.20
1945a-i MNH Nobel Prize winners sheetlet of 9 diff $7.00
1957a-i MNH Elvis Presley 60th birthday, sheetlet of 9 diff $6.80
1968a-d MNH Mushrooms on sheet of 12 (3 sets x 4). Price shown for 1. For sheetlet x 3 sets N/A
1979a-i MNH Atlanta Olympics sheetlet of 9 diff with track and field sports $6.25
1981 MNH 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta $3.15
1983a-d MNH Set of 4 birds on sheetlet I of 16 (4 sets). Price shown per set. For sheetlet x 4 sets $1.35
1984a-d MNH Set of 4 birds on sheetlet II of 16 (4 sets). Price shown per set. For sheetlet x 4 sets N/A
1985 MNH Sea Birds of the Caribbean - Great Frigatebird S/S I N/A
1986 MNH Sea Birds of the Caribbean - Brown Pelican S/S II N/A
1999a-i MNH Bruce Lee, legendary martial arts expert on sheetlet of 9 diff $5.25
2000 MNH Martial Arts Legend Bruce Lee on S/S $3.15
2005-7 MNH UNICEF - 50th Ann $2.45
2008 MNH UNICEF 50th Ann S/S $3.85
2017 MNH Jo Stafford and old floor radio S/S $3.70
2063a-i MNH Charlie Chaplin sheetlet of 9 diff $6.80
2064 MNH Charlie Chaplin S/S $3.25
2189 MNH Mahatma Gandhi N/A
2226-30 MNH Steel Band $2.05
2231 MNH Steel Band S/S $2.10
2242a-d MNH Space pioneer John Glenn on his last trip to space, on superb sheetlet of 4 diff $5.30
2339 MNH 250th Ann death of Johann Sebastien Bach $3.15
2360a-f MNH World Stamp Expo 2000 sheetlet of 6 space stamps $5.25
2363 MNH World Stamp Expo 2000 space S/S $3.25
2470a-f MNH Marine Life of the Tropics composite sheetlet of 6 $4.25
2487a-d MNH 100th Ann of the death of Guiseppe Verdi - composite sheetlet of 4 N/A
2489a-d MNH Marlene Dietrich on S/S of 4 diff $6.00
2585a-d MNH Teddy Bears 100th Ann S/S of 4 diff sports $6.00
2589a-f MNH Charlie Chaplin sheetlet of 6 diff $8.25
2590 MNH Charlie Chaplin S/S $3.25
2593a-f MNH Bob Hope on sheetlet of 6 diff $6.80
2622a-f MNH Whales on sheetlet of 6 diff $4.65
2627 MNH Humpback whale on S/S $3.00
2637.1 MNH Lunar New Year of the Ram in sheetlet of 4 $3.95
2668-71 MNH Antigua Scouts Assoc - 50th Ann N/A
2673 MNH Antigua Scouts 90th Ann S/S $3.35
2707 MNH Orchids S/S $2.65
2708a-d MNH Sheetlet of 4 colorful birds including macaws $5.25
2709a-d MNH Strip of 4 colorful parrots (taken from sheetlet) $4.50
2710 MNH Bald Ibis bird on S/S $2.65
2716a-d MNH Lunar New Year of the Monkey sheetlet of 4 diff $3.35
2754-7 MNH 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens $3.50
2758a-d MNH Euro Cup 2004 Soccer Championships sheetlet of 4 diff $4.20
2759 MNH Euro Cup 2004 Soccer Championships S/S $3.35
2760a-i MNH Steam Locomotives Bicentenary sheetlet of 9 diff $6.85
2761a-i MNH Steam Locomotives Bicentenary sheetlet of 9 diff $7.50
2763 MNH Steam Locomotives Bicentenary S/S I $2.65
2764 MNH Steam Locomotives Bicentenary S/S II $3.30
2765 MNH Steam Locomotives Bicentenary S/S III $3.20
2766-9 MNH D-day - 60th Ann $3.00
2770a-d MNH D-Day 60th Ann S/S diff $6.35
2772 MNH D-Day 60th Ann S/S with Sherman tank $3.15
2776a-d MNH FIFA Centenary sheetlet of 4 diff $6.10
2777 MNH FIFA Centenary S/S $3.20
2822 MNH World Cup Soccer Championship 75th Ann of first World Championship game, S/S with Uruguay victory in 1930 $3.35
ANT005 MNH Stunning sheetlet of 4 diff birds $8.20
ANT007 MNH Orchids on superb multicolour sheetlet of 4 diff N/A
ANT009 MNH Pope John Paul II 25th Ann of His Pontificate sheetlet of 5 diff $7.40
ANT010 MNH Baseball on S/S of 4 diff shows cartoon character Arthur and friends $8.20
ANT011 MNH VE Day - 60th Ann sheetlet of 4 diff with various generals pictured $4.75
ANT012 MNH World Cup Soccer - 75th Ann of the 1st World Cup Soccer Championship. Sheetlet of 4 diff stamps. $7.90

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