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1) All stamps are mint never hinged, and sold in complete sets unless stated otherwise. Click here for abbreviations used in identifying the condition or type of item listed.
2) Scott cat #'s are always used, unless the cat # is preceded by a letter in parenthesis designating the catalogue used. The letters are as follows:
(G) Gibbons      (M) Michel       (Y) Yvert
Where the catalogue number reads 3 alpha and 3 numeric characters - AUS005 - it simply means that we have no cat # number available at the time the item was entered, and we are using our own numbering system to locate stock when ordered. These items will always appear at the end of a country listing. Such items will be updated when the cat # becomes available, and will automatically appear in the correct chronological sequence.
3) First Day Covers, maximum cards, and other philatelic items will always be identified as such.
4) Our pricing policy is simple. We have no fixed % off catalogue. It is common knowledge that Scott prices thousands of items, well below their true market value as evidenced by the pricing structure almost everywhere else in the philatelic world. Consequently our prices are based on our ability to purchase the material as low as possible from dozens of sources around the world. When we purchase real bargains, the savings are passed on to you. We are not the highest priced dealer, nor the lowest, but you will find across the board, that our prices are fair and equitable. Having said this, no item is sold below 0.25, regardless of catalogue value or condition. Given the work involved in eventually uploading all items with images, it is not economically viable to sell any items below 0.25.
5) Every so often we will offer specials that may last as much as a month or for a few days only. These offers will be listed in our NEWSLETTER LINK ONLY, so we urge you to bookmark our site, visit often and keep abreast of what's new and exciting via our newsletter link.

Cat # Cond/Type Description Price
711 MNH 29th Ann 1st flight New York City to Rio de Janeiro N/A
852 MNH 2nd Women's International Basketball Championship in Rio $0.80
864 MNH 8th Children's games $0.40
978 MNH Centenary of "O Evangelho" Gospel $0.60
979 MNH Visit of German President N/A
987 MNH John F. Kennedy $0.25
996 MNH 1st Ann of the Democratic Revolution with sword and cross $0.30
998 MNH Visit of the Shah of Iran $0.30
1000 MNH Lions Club of Brazil $0.25
1001 MNH Centenary of the ITU $0.30
1003 MNH Statue of Brazilian Admiral $0.25
1004 MNH Centenary of publication of the book "Iracema" N/A
1005 MNH Winston Churchill $0.65
1008 MNH Birth centenary of poet Leoncio Correias $0.25
1010 MNH Visit of Pres Saragat of Italy $0.25
1011 MNH Visit of the Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg $0.25
1013 MNH 2nd meeting of Organization of American States Foreign Ministers N/A
1015 MNH Brazilian coffee publicity N/A
1016 MNH Opening of new iron ore terminal N/A
1017 MNH 25th Ann National Steel Co N/A
1024 MNH Ruben Dario, Nicaraguan poet and diplomat N/A
1035 MNH World Meteorological Day N/A
1047 MNH Lions International S/S (mottled gum) $5.00
1051 MNH 400th Birth ann of brother Vincente Do Salvador $0.25
1052 MNH National 4-H club day - agriculture issue $0.25
1055 MNH Golden rose and Papal Arms $0.90
1056 MNH General Antonio de Sampaio N/A
1058 MNH International Monetary Fund $0.25
1076 MNH Virgin of Paranagua and diver $0.30
1077 MNH Map of Brazil $0.30
1078 MNH International Human Rights Year $0.30
1096 MNH 8th American Armed Forces Conference N/A
1408 MNH International Women's Year $0.70
1545-8 MNH Brazilian architecture $2.45
1619 MNH Brazil '99 stamp exhibition S/S N/A
1724 MNH Thanksgiving Day 1980 $0.25
1727-9 MNH Agricultural productivity $2.40
1734 MNH Painting S/S $1.00
1756-8 MNH Reisado dancers $1.90
1760-3 MNH Flowers $0.70
1819 MNH St. Theresa of Avila $0.70
1910a MNH 1984 Summer Olymic Games in Los Angeles in block of 6 diff $2.50
1925a MNH Brazil Germany Air Service - 50th Ann se-tenant pair N/A
1962a-e MNH State flags in block of 5 + label N/A
2083-5 MNH Flowers $1.15
2168-70 MNH Flowers $3.00
2198-9 MNH Minerals $1.15
2210a-c MNH Sao Paulo 20th Ann art biennial S/S with hologram $3.00
2254a MNH Film personalities block of 4 $2.25
2262-3 MNH Flowers - part of a separately issued multi-part series $0.50
2264/66-8 MNH Flowers - part of a separately issued multi-part series $0.90
2271-3 MNH Flowers - part of a separately issued multi-part series $1.65
2285a MNH Statues on block of 4 issued for Lubrapex '90 $2.80
2285b MNH Lubrapex stamp exhibit S/S of 4 diff $4.50
2291 MNH National Tax Court centenary $0.30
2299a MNH Rock in Rio $1.60
2308a MNH 11th Pan-American Games and 25th Summer Olympics block of 3 + label $2.25
2340 MNH Bureau of agriculture $0.25
2344 MNH Thanksgiving holiday $0.25
2345 MNH Military police $0.25
2347-8 MNH Churches $1.05
2349-50 MNH 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona $6.30
2358a MNH Argentina / Brazil stamp exhibition block of 4 $1.70
2358b MNH Argentina / Brazil stamp exhibition S/S of 4 $8.70
2363-6 MNH Langsdorff Expedition to Brazil - 170th Ann $2.15
2367-9 MNH UN Environmental Conference N/A
2379a-c MNH Explorers S/S of 3 diff forming composite image $3.75
2381 MNH Volunteer firemen $0.30
2396 MNH Brazilian program for quality and productivity $0.30
2397a-b MNH Tourism Year in the Americas S/S of 2 $1.50
2399a-c MNH Water sport championships of South America S/S of 3 $2.05
2400 MNH Curitiba City - 300th Ann $0.30
2403a MNH Red Cross strip of 3 $0.75
2407 MNH Brazilian flag N/A
2408-9 MNH Beetles $2.00
2411-3 MNH 1st Brazilian Postage stamps - 150th Ann N/A
2413a MNH 1st Brazilian postage stamps 150th Ann S/S of 3 $13.50
2427-9 MNH Poets - issued on National Book Day $0.65
2441 MNH International Olympic Committee Centenary $1.75
2442 MNH Brazilian flag N/A
2479-82 MNH National literacy program $3.10
2488 MNH Birds - part of a separetely issued multi-part set N/A
2499 MNH Birds - self-adhesive N/A
2504-6 MNH Prominent Brazilians $2.60
2508 MNH Brazilian State Mint - 300th Ann N/A
2525 MNH Louis Pasteur -100th Ann of his death $1.40
2528 MNH Pres Itamar Franco $0.30
2529 MNH Food and Agricultural Organization - 50th Ann $1.50
2530-2 MNH Prominent Brazilians $1.05
2534 MNH Brazil Japanese friednship N/A
2540 MNH Motion pictures centenary S/S $5.45
2541 MNH New Real currency - 1st Ann $0.30
2542 MNH Volleyball centenary N/A
2543-4 MNH Dinosaurs $3.15
2545-6 MNH Traffic Safety Program $2.10
2547a-c MNH Flowers S/S of 3 - issued for Singapore '95 N/A
2549 MNH Paulista Museum centenary $0.30
2556a-b MNH Lubrapex '95 S/S of 2 $8.25
2562-4 MNH Brazilian writers N/A
2565 MNH Slave resistance leader - 300th Ann of his death S/S $2.80
2566a-c MNH Swimming championships block of 4 diff $2.45
2568 MNH Botafoga soccer club $0.40
2570 MNH Amazon Theatre centenary S/S N/A
2575 MNH UNICEF - 50th Ann $1.05
2583-5 MNH Hummingbirds $7.70
2586-9 MNH 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta $4.85
2590 MNH Brazilian caverns S/S N/A
2591 MNH Americas Telecom '96 sport games $3.15
2614 MNH The Postman - cartoons $0.70
2618 MNH World day of water $1.50
2625 MNH Indian culture S/S $2.00
2631/4 MNH Fruits and nuts - part of a separately issued multi-part set N/A
2636A/G MNH Fruits and nuts - part of a separately issued multi-part set N/A
2637-8 MNH Amazon fruits and fish $1.40
2648 MNH Integration of Mercosur communications - 25th Ann $1.50
2684a-f MNH Cinema se-tenant block of 6 $4.50
2687a-e MNH Strip of 5 sports N/A
2690 MNH Children's stamp design winner N/A
2694a-c MNH Strip of 3 flowers N/A
2695a-d MNH Mother Theresa and other religious personages in se-tenant block of 4 N/A
2709 MNH Dinosaur stamp showing valley of the dinosaurs in Brazil N/A
2710 MNH Fortress of Santa Amaro da Barra Grande N/A
2712 MNH Aviation issue N/A
2713 MNH Holy Spirit Feast, Planaltina $0.65
2716 MNH Alberto Santos Dumont's dirigible flight - 100th Ann N/A
2723 MNH Mercosur Cuktural Heritage Day $2.45
2724a-d MNH Water conservation composite block of 4 diff $2.40
2725 MNH National Library of Rio de Janeiro bookplate $0.55
2726-7 MNH State flags N/A
2730 MNH Middle School Education System $0.50
2732 MNH New Year 2000 $1.05
2743a-c MNH Minerals and map S/S of 3 issued for Hanover 2000 $4.50
2787-9 MNH Soccer teams - part of a separately issued multi-part set $1.15
2792 MNH Soccer teams - part of a separately issued multi-part set $0.60
2799a-d MNH WWF S/S of 4 diff birds $4.15
2805 MNH French tennis open S/S $1.50
2828a-b MNH Minerals S/S of 2 $2.05
2829 MNH International day of disabled persons $1.05
2855 MNH Protected area for whales S/S $1.50
2878 MNH Rotary in Brazil - 80th Ann $0.35
2879-80 MNH Waterfalls $0.55
2888a-b MNH Stamp collecting S/S $1.50
2895 MNH Gremio soccer team centenary $0.40
2903 MNH Ary Barroso, songwriter and TV personality $0.80
2906 MNH Fight against aids N/A
2924 MNH FIFA soccer centenary N/A
2927a-d MNH 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens $3.20
B13a-d MNH Children's paintings on strip of 4 diff with globes, hearts etc $1.60

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