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1) All stamps are mint never hinged, and sold in complete sets unless stated otherwise. Click here for abbreviations used in identifying the condition or type of item listed.
2) Scott cat #'s are always used, unless the cat # is preceded by a letter in parenthesis designating the catalogue used. The letters are as follows:
(G) Gibbons      (M) Michel       (Y) Yvert
Where the catalogue number reads 3 alpha and 3 numeric characters - AUS005 - it simply means that we have no cat # number available at the time the item was entered, and we are using our own numbering system to locate stock when ordered. These items will always appear at the end of a country listing. Such items will be updated when the cat # becomes available, and will automatically appear in the correct chronological sequence.
3) First Day Covers, maximum cards, and other philatelic items will always be identified as such.
4) Our pricing policy is simple. We have no fixed % off catalogue. It is common knowledge that Scott prices thousands of items, well below their true market value as evidenced by the pricing structure almost everywhere else in the philatelic world. Consequently our prices are based on our ability to purchase the material as low as possible from dozens of sources around the world. When we purchase real bargains, the savings are passed on to you. We are not the highest priced dealer, nor the lowest, but you will find across the board, that our prices are fair and equitable. Having said this, no item is sold below 0.25, regardless of catalogue value or condition. Given the work involved in eventually uploading all items with images, it is not economically viable to sell any items below 0.25.
5) Every so often we will offer specials that may last as much as a month or for a few days only. These offers will be listed in our NEWSLETTER LINK ONLY, so we urge you to bookmark our site, visit often and keep abreast of what's new and exciting via our newsletter link.

Falkland Islands
Cat # Cond/Type Description Price
121 MNH Coronation Issue $0.65
143-5 MNH Falkland Islands Radio Station - 50th Ann $2.80
146 MNH Freedom from Hunger $9.45
147-8 MNH Red Cross centenary issue $14.85
154-5 MNH ITU Issue $7.10
1L18 MNH Coronation issue $1.05
223-4 MNH Silver Wedding issue $0.90
254-6 MNH 25th Ann reign of Queen Elizabeth II - USED $1.25
254-6.1 MNH 25th Ann reign of Queen Elizabeth II - prestige booklet $9.65
275 MNH 25th Ann Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II sheet of 6 $2.80
282-6 MNH Flowers $2.25
324-6 MNH Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Diana $1.20
348-51 MNH Princess Diana issue $5.90
535-40 MNH Penguins $8.75
554-7 MNH Christ Church Cthedral Centenary $4.75
607a MNH Hogk Kong returns to China 1997 S/S $5.60
671 MNH Hong Kong 1997 stamp exhibition S/S $3.50
758-60 MNH Sir Ernest Shackleton - Polar explorer $8.75
197-209 MNH Set of 13 flowers and berries $18.90
1L38-52 MNH Set of 15 maps, ships, views $9.75
1L59-61 MNH Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Diana $1.00
1L66-71 MNH Insects $1.70
1L76-9 MNH Crustaceans $2.25
739-44 MNH Millennium set of 6 with birds, church, penguins, etc N/A
C1 MNH Rockhopper penguins $0.90
J1-8 MNH Postage Due stamps $3.25

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