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1) All stamps are mint never hinged, and sold in complete sets unless stated otherwise. Click here for abbreviations used in identifying the condition or type of item listed.
2) Scott cat #'s are always used, unless the cat # is preceded by a letter in parenthesis designating the catalogue used. The letters are as follows:
(G) Gibbons      (M) Michel       (Y) Yvert
Where the catalogue number reads 3 alpha and 3 numeric characters - AUS005 - it simply means that we have no cat # number available at the time the item was entered, and we are using our own numbering system to locate stock when ordered. These items will always appear at the end of a country listing. Such items will be updated when the cat # becomes available, and will automatically appear in the correct chronological sequence.
3) First Day Covers, maximum cards, and other philatelic items will always be identified as such.
4) Our pricing policy is simple. We have no fixed % off catalogue. It is common knowledge that Scott prices thousands of items, well below their true market value as evidenced by the pricing structure almost everywhere else in the philatelic world. Consequently our prices are based on our ability to purchase the material as low as possible from dozens of sources around the world. When we purchase real bargains, the savings are passed on to you. We are not the highest priced dealer, nor the lowest, but you will find across the board, that our prices are fair and equitable. Having said this, no item is sold below 0.25, regardless of catalogue value or condition. Given the work involved in eventually uploading all items with images, it is not economically viable to sell any items below 0.25.
5) Every so often we will offer specials that may last as much as a month or for a few days only. These offers will be listed in our NEWSLETTER LINK ONLY, so we urge you to bookmark our site, visit often and keep abreast of what's new and exciting via our newsletter link.

Cat # Cond/Type Description Price
738-45 MNH Arms of Hungary $1.15
746-56 MNH Arms of Hungary $1.60
856-8 MNH Arms of Hungarian People's Republic $3.15
870 MNH Hungarian Philatelic Museum - 20th Ann $4.20
973 MNH Also # B207-8. 80th Ann of Hungary's 1st postage stamp $14.95
1160-7 MNH 1956 Summer Olympic Games in Melbourne $2.05
1171-2 MNH Arms of Hungary $0.35
1189 MNH Kazar costume S/S $19.25
1190-2 MNH Arms of Hungary $0.65
1195-1202 MNH Flowers $4.35
1202a MNH Souvenir sheet of 4 flowers $24.50
1203-9 MNH Int'l Wrestling and European swimming and table tennis championships in Budapest $1.80
1210-1 MNH 40th Ann of the Hungarian communist party and newspaper $0.35
1232 MNH Postal Minister's Conf in Berlin. Stamp + label $0.30
1241-8 MNH 24th World Fencing Championships in Budapest $1.95
1260a-b.1 MNH Haydn and Schiller Monograms S/S not listed but mentioned in Scoot $15.40
1261a MNH Stamp Day - Stamp exhibition + label $1.20
1274-81 MNH Fairy tales $1.90
1301-6 MNH Also #B217: 1960 Winter Olympic Games in Squaw Valley, California $1.75
1418-25 MNH Flowers $2.25
1437-46 MNH Tropical fish $2.10
1539-47 MNH Provincial costumes $2.25
1607-14 MNH Peach fruits and blossoms $1.75
1796-1801 MNH Paintings by Hungarian artists N/A
1820-6 MNH Paintings by Hungarian artists $1.70
1863-9 MNH Paintings by Hungarian artists $1.55
1900-6 MNH Paintings by Spanish artists in Budapest Museum of Fine Arts $2.10
1934-6 MNH Children's paintings for the 50th Ann of the Hungarian Communist Party $0.50
1940-6 MNH Paintings by Italian artists $1.75
1975-81 MNH Paintings by French artists $2.15
1984-7 MNH Arms and buildings of Vac $0.65
2007 MNH Janos Nagy, painter. Self-portrait $1.05
2008-14 MNH Paintings by Dutch artists $1.90
2023-9 MNH Paintings by various artists $1.75
2045-52 MNH Hungarian goldsmith's art $1.60
2053-9 MNH Religious paintings by various artists from Christian Museum at Esztergom $1.90
2066-73 MNH World Hunting Exhibition in Budapest $1.60
2074 MNH Painting S/S by Durer $2.20
2077-84 MNH Japanese prints from Museum of East Asian Art in Budapest $1.80
2105-11 MNH History of Hungary from illuminated miniature manuscripts $1.60
2131 MNH Janus Pannonius, humanist and poet. 500th Ann of his death $0.25
2156-62 MNH Historical scenes from the millennium of the town Szekesfehervar $1.75
2188-94 MNH Stained glass windows $2.05
2205 MNH Arms of Soviet Union - 50th Ann of USSR $0.25
2211-7 MNH Ancient ceremony with masks $1.65
2231-7 MNH Paintings by Tividar Kosztka Csontvary $1.85
2250-6 MNH Religious paintings by early Hungarian masters $1.85
2273-8 MNH Exploration of Mars $1.80
2280 MNH Mona Lisa + label $4.35
2282-7 MNH Centenary of the UPU $1.85
2298-2304 MNH Paintings of nudes $2.00
2306 MNH Painting by Bela Czobel $0.30
2330-5 MNH Various buildings and town scenes $7.85
2386-92 MNH Religious icons from the 13th century $1.90
2411-7 MNH Paintings of various military battles $3.50
2433 MNH Painting by Titian $0.55
2464-70 MNH History of the coach (carriages) $1.00
2542-5 MNH Stamp Day - Roman mosaics found in Hungary $4.20
2557-63 MNH Paintings by Durer $1.95
2570 MNH Calvinist church $0.25
2592-8 MNH Paintings of horses $1.75
2601 MNH Architecture - public health center $0.25
2611-6 MNH Wildlife protection $1.65
2639 MNH Copperplate print of Gabor Bethlen, King of Hungary $0.25
2654-6 MNH Various decorative glass objects $0.90
2696 MNH 1933 WIPA exhibition S/S $1.90
2782 MNH Tembel 1983 stamp exhibition - Tapolca (city-?) stamp + label $0.55
2785-91 MNH Paintings by Raphael $1.95
2827-9 MNH Resorts and spas $0.85
2869 MNH Hilton Hotel in Budapest - S/S (St. Stephen's church incorporated in hotel) $1.95
2871-2 MNH Stamp Day - handicrafts $0.50
2916 MNH Totfalusi Bible - 300th Ann $0.25
2949-50 MNH Europhilex 1985 stamp exhibition - 16-17th century ceramics $0.40
3020 MNH Esterhazy Palace - Single stamp of separately issued multi-part set $0.35
3023 MNH Dory Castle - Single stamp of separately issued multi-part set $0.65
3031 MNH Festetics Castle - Single stamp of separately issued multi-part set $0.80
3058 MNH Painting by Bela Uitz $0.35
3070 MNH Hungarian 1st Aid Assoc Centenary $0.35
3100 MNH 1988 winter Olympic Games in Calgary S/S - skiing $2.45
3120-2 MNH Kings of Hungary $1.25
3207 MNH Christmas 1989 $0.30
3261-2 MNH Stamp day - Paintings by Endre Szasz $1.25
3270 MNH Budapest Stamp Museum - 60th Ann $0.35
3276 MNH Madonna with Child - Painting by Boticelli $0.30
3278-82 MNH Flowers of the Americas $2.10
3283 MNH Flowers of the Americas S/S $1.75
3288-92 MNH Budapest Zoological and Botanical Gardens -125th Ann $3.20
3312 MNH Telecommunications Forum in Geneva $0.65
3333 MNH World Heritage Village of Holloko $0.80
3346 MNH European Gymnastic Championships in Budapest $0.85
3361/3 MNH Stamp Day - Europhilex 1992 stamp exhibition. Set is missing the non semi-postal stamp of the 3 stamps $1.25
3384 MNH Hungarian rowing assoc centenary $0.45
3388-9 MNH Europa 1993 with church and Spain Expo 1992 pavilion by Hungarian architect $3.00
3403 MNH Int'l Solar Energy Society Congress in Budapest. Stamp+ label $0.25
3417 MNH Josef Antall - Hungarian Prime Minister $0.55
3432-3 MNH Baron Miklos Josika and Balint Balassi- novelist and poet $0.90
3434-42 MNH Horses in battle scenes on strips of 3 diff on S/S $6.15
3451-4 MNH Flowers of Europe $2.75
3488-9 MNH Hungarian shipping $1.75
3491 MNH FAO - 50th Ann $0.45
3501 MNH Laszlo Almasy, Sahara researcher - Birth centenary $0.45
3503-4 MNH Contemporary paintings $0.85
3505 MNH Eotvos College centenary $1.15
3522 MNH National Writers Assoc Centenary $0.80
3523 MNH Budapest subway centenary $0.40
3543-4 MNH Stamp day - old Budapest scenes $0.55
3556 MNH UNICEF - 50th Ann $0.30
3559-60 MNH Hungarian literature $0.75
3569 MNH St. Adalbert - joint issue with Germany, Poland, Vatican, Czech rep $1.00
3586 MNH World Weightlifting Championships in Thailand $0.90
3587 MNH Zsigmond Szechenyi - African explorer $0.65
3619-21 MNH 1998 European Track and Field Championships in Budapest $1.80
3636-8 MNH Tall ships set of 3 N/A
3649-50 MNH Folk ornaments on of 2 $1.50
3652 MNH 100th Ann of sports club $1.05
3652A MNH Unesco $0.45
3653 MNH Council of Europe 50th Ann N/A
3654-5 MNH Europa 1999 - birds set of 2, including hawk, also national parks N/A
3656-7 MNH Grapes, wine growing region of Hungary, set of 2 $0.90
3658-61 MNH Wildlife animals of Asia featuring panda, orangutan, tiger and panther N/A
3662 MNH Ducks S/S N/A
3663-4 MNH Stamp Day 1999 with proclamation, etc $1.00
3665 MNH Stamp Day - Horse and carriage S/S $1.95
3666-7 MNH Flowers set of 2 $1.50
3671-5 MNH Antique furniture $1.90
3679 MNH Jeno Wigner - 1963 Nobel Laureate for physics $0.30
3686a-e MNH Famous Hungarian authors in portraits, S/S of 5 diff $2.20
3698 MNH Millennium S/S with planet earth hologram $17.50
3723-4a-e MNH Millennium on 2 strips x 5 each $3.85
3755-6 MNH Europa 2001 - water N/A
3904-6 MNH Athens Olympics $2.65
3919 MNH Rotary Int'l centenary $1.05
3936a-b MNH Europa 2005 - gastronomy. Stamps are from S/S N/A
4109-12/17 MC Preserving Arctic Regions set of 6 maxicards picturing Polar Bears, Penguins, Fox, etc. Only 3 cards shown $24.95
4118.1 MC Joseph Haydn, composer. 200th Ann of his death. Maxicard I with portrait $4.95
4118.2 MC Joseph Haydn, composer. 200th Ann of his death. Maxicard II with portrait and musical score $4.95
4138.1 MC Louis Braille, inventor of the alphabet for seeing impaired. 200th Ann of his birth. Maxicard I shows his name in Braille $4.25
4138.2 MC Louis Braille, inventor of the alphabet for seeing impaired. 200th Ann of his birth. Maxicard II shows Braille alphabet $4.25
4146.1 MC 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Maxicard I with Vancouver Games logo $4.95
4146.2 MC 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Maxicard II with Hungarian contingent entering Olympic stadium $4.95
4146.3 MC 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Maxicard III with Hungarian skier Anna Berecz $4.95
4160.1 MC World Cup of Soccer 2010 held in South Africa. Maxicard I with official Cup soccer ball $5.25
4160.2 MC World Cup of Soccer 2010 held in South Africa. Maxicard II with official Cup soccer ball $5.25
4168.1 MC Frederic Chopin, great Polish composer, 200th Ann of his birth. Maxicard I shows musical score of Polonaise Brillante $4.75
4168.2 MC Frederic Chopin, great Polish composer, 200th Ann of his birth. Maxicard II with portrait $4.75
4168.3 MC Frederic Chopin, great Polish composer, 200th Ann of his birth. Maxicard III with portrait and piano $4.75
4168.4 MC Frederic Chopin, great Polish composer, 200th Ann of his birth. Maxicard IV with portrait and musical score $4.75
4172 MC Formula I 2010 in Budapest, Hungary. Maxicard shows Mark Webber, winner celebrating $4.50
4196.1 MC Yuri Gagarin, 1st man in space, 50th Ann. Maxicard I shows Time magazine cover, with Gagarin's autograph. High face value $7.95
4196.2 MC Yuri Gagarin, 1st man in space, 50th Ann. Maxicard Ii shows rocket lifting off with Gagarin portrait in inset. High face value $7.95
4202-6 MC Butterflies maxicard set of 5, with set of 4, and 1 stamp from souvenir sheet. Only 3 cards shown $24.95
B202 MNH Stamp Day - Mail Coach $6.65
B202.1 MNH Stamp Day sheetlet of 4 carriages $29.75
B203.1 MNH Sheetlet of 4 Globe & Carrier Pigeon issued for 5th National stamp exhibtion $16.80
B220-3 MNH Stamp Day - View of Budapest $1.95
B225-8 MNH Stamp Day - 10th Ann of Hungarian Philatelic Federation $1.55
B265-8 MNH Hungarian earthenware $1.40
B270 MNH Bridge, castle and coat of arms $0.70
B271-4 MNH Hungarian wood carvings $1.70
B276-8 MNH Budapest 1971 Philatelic Exhibition - Buildings $1.05
B279-82 MNH Initials and paintings from Bibliotheca Corvina $1.15
B294-7 MNH 9th Congress of National Federation of Hungarian philatelists $1.95
B302-5 MNH Treasures from Hungarian National Museum $1.25
B326-7 MNH Stamp Day - architecture $1.25
B330-1 MNH Stamp Day - architecture $1.25
B335 MNH SOS Children's Village Assoc $0.55
B339 MNH Socfilex 1988 stamp exhibition S/S $2.80
C 67.1 MNH Stamp Day sheetlet of 4 with postman and postal transportation $21.00
C 68 MNH Hungarian Post Office Philatelic Museum - 20th Ann $3.85
C 80 MNH Stamp Day - Budapest Stamp Exhibition S/S N/A
C 81 MNH UPU issue $12.25
C 95 MNH Stamp on Stamp S/S for 80th Ann first Hungarian stamp $52.50
C 95.1 MNH Stamp on Stamp S/S for 80th Ann first Hungarian stamp. Rose Lilac colour was issued only in a quantity of 1220 sheets perf and imperf, and was presented to exhibitors and members of the organizing committee; they were not available for sale. Other than varieties, this is Hungary's most expensive stamp $1,195.00
C157 MNH Maurus Jokai S/S $24.50
C158-65 MNH Sports $4.60
C166 MNH Government printing plant S/S $22.75
C176-83 MNH Int'l Exposition at Brussels $1.95
C309 MNH Soyuz 9 project S/S of 4 diff $1.60
C337-44 MNH Birds $1.95
C366-72 MNH US Mars mission $1.75
C393-9 MNH Science fiction paintings of space $1.75
C428-34 MNH Luraba 1981 stamp exhibition - Graf Zeppelin flights $2.55
CB33/35a MNH Aerophila 1974 stamp exhibition - 2 se-tenant pairs $2.65

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