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1) All stamps are mint never hinged, and sold in complete sets unless stated otherwise. Click here for abbreviations used in identifying the condition or type of item listed.
2) Scott cat #'s are always used, unless the cat # is preceded by a letter in parenthesis designating the catalogue used. The letters are as follows:
(G) Gibbons      (M) Michel       (Y) Yvert
Where the catalogue number reads 3 alpha and 3 numeric characters - AUS005 - it simply means that we have no cat # number available at the time the item was entered, and we are using our own numbering system to locate stock when ordered. These items will always appear at the end of a country listing. Such items will be updated when the cat # becomes available, and will automatically appear in the correct chronological sequence.
3) First Day Covers, maximum cards, and other philatelic items will always be identified as such.
4) Our pricing policy is simple. We have no fixed % off catalogue. It is common knowledge that Scott prices thousands of items, well below their true market value as evidenced by the pricing structure almost everywhere else in the philatelic world. Consequently our prices are based on our ability to purchase the material as low as possible from dozens of sources around the world. When we purchase real bargains, the savings are passed on to you. We are not the highest priced dealer, nor the lowest, but you will find across the board, that our prices are fair and equitable. Having said this, no item is sold below 0.25, regardless of catalogue value or condition. Given the work involved in eventually uploading all items with images, it is not economically viable to sell any items below 0.25.
5) Every so often we will offer specials that may last as much as a month or for a few days only. These offers will be listed in our NEWSLETTER LINK ONLY, so we urge you to bookmark our site, visit often and keep abreast of what's new and exciting via our newsletter link.

Cat # Cond/Type Description Price
117-8 MNH Garibaldi- 50th Ann of Plebiscite. VLH w/cracked gum. Very rare set Cat $350 $119.95
119-22 MNH 50th Ann Union of Italian States. VLH w/cracked gum, creases. Nice filler. Cat $99 $15.00
586 MNH Centenary of the birth of artist Francesco Michetti $4.75
604 MNH Naples Int'l Fair N/A
605 MNH Art exhibition - Lion of St. Mark statue N/A
606 MNH Basilica of St. Anthony $2.25
609 MNH 500th Ann birth of Girolamo Savonarola, Italian religious and political reformer $3.85
630 MNH Definitives - 25 Lira single only in set $3.00
658-9 MNH Int'l Criminal Police Assembly - statue of St. Michael N/A
702-3 MNH 500th Ann death of Fra Angelico, artist N/A
718-9 MNH Italy's admission to the United Nations $0.40
721 MNH 2000th Ann of the birth of the poet Ovid $0.25
722-4 MNH 200th Ann birth of sculptor Antonio Canova N/A
725 MNH Traffic Light - safety in driving $0.25
728 MNH 50th Ann death of poet Giosue Carducci $0.25
729 MNH 500th Ann birth of artist Filippino Lippi $0.25
730 MNH 200th Ann death of Cicero, Roman statesman and writer $0.25
731 MNH Centenary of the death of St. Domenico Savio N/A
732 MNH 450th Ann death of St. Francis Paola $0.25
733-4 MNH 150th Ann birth of Giuseppe Garibaldi $0.35
738 MNH Map of Sardinia, dams $0.25
739-40 MNH Statue and Lourdes Basilica $0.30
741-3 MNH 10th Ann of the Constitution $0.45
744 MNH Brussels Int'l Fair emblem $0.25
745 MNH Centenary of birth of composer Ruggiero Leoncavallo $0.25
746 MNH Centenary of birth of composer Giacimo Puccini $0.25
747 MNH 50th Ann death of artist Giovanni Fattori $0.25
748 MNH Centenary of birth of artist Giovanni Segantini $0.30
749 MNH Map of Brazil and Arch of Titus - Italian Brazilian friendship $0.30
752-3 MNH Centenary of the stamps of Naples $0.30
754 MNH 350th Ann birth of Evangelista Torricelli, mathematician and physicist $0.45
755-7 MNH 40th Ann of Italy's victory in World War I $0.40
758-9 MNH Visit of the Shah or Iran to Italy - Persian bas-relief $0.45
760 MNH Eleonora Duse, actress $0.25
761-2 MNH Radio and TV competitions $0.30
763-4 MNH Centenary of the stamps of Sicily $0.30
765 MNH 30th Ann of Lateran pacts with St. Peter's Dome $0.25
768-9 MNH Cultural ties between Paris and Rome with coats of arms $0.30
770 MNH Int'l War veterans Convention $0.25
773-7 MNH 1960 Olympic Games in Rome $0.75
778-82 MNH Centenary of the War of Independence with # 779 Centenary of the Red Cross $0.70
789-90 MNH Centenary of the stamps of Romagna N/A
793 MNH Italy's 1st Stamp Day $0.25
794-5 MNH World Refugee Year - painting by Raphael $0.30
796-8 MNH Centenary of liberation of Southern Italy $0.40
808 MNH Centenary of birth of Victorio Bottego, explorer $0.25
811 MNH 350th Ann death of painter Michelangelo de Caravaggio N/A
812 MNH Stamp Day - mail coach $0.25
832-4 MNH Maps and airplane issued for flight of Pres Gronchi to South America $12.60
835 MNH 1900th Ann of birth of Pliny the Elder, Roman consul and writer $0.25
836 MNH Ippolito Nievo, writer $0.25
837-8 MNH 1900th Ann of St. Paul's arrival in Rome, design from a miniature painting $0.35
839-44 MNH Centenary of Italian unity with palaces, etc $5.60
848 MNH Stamp Day - with horse and rider $0.25
851-2 MNH Issued for physicist Antonio Pacinotti $0.30
853-4 MNH 500th Ann canonization of St. Catherine of Sienna $0.30
855-6 MNH 30th Ann Int'l Film Festival in Venice $0.30
857-9 MNH World bicycle championships $3.10
862 MNH Swiss Italian co-operation - flags $0.25
865 MNH Stamp day - Centenary of Italian postage stamps $0.25
866-7 MNH 21st Ecumenical Council of Roman Catholic church, with illuminated manuscript design $0.30
868 MNH Centenary of Court of Accounts $0.25
869 MNH Count Giovanni Mirandola, Renaissance scholar $0.25
870 MNH Centenary of birth of Gabriele D'Annunzio, author and soldier $0.25
873 MNH Italian Alpine Club $0.25
874 MNH Map of Italy - 50th Ann Nat'l Insurance Institute $0.25
875 MNH Centenary of 1st Int'l Postal Conf in Paris $0.25
876-7 MNH Centenary of Red Cross $0.30
878-9 MNH UN Tourist Conference in Rome $0.30
882-3 MNH 4th Mediterranean Games $0.30
884 MNH Guiseppe Gioachini Belli, oet $0.25
885 MNH Stamp day - stamps on stamps $0.25
886-7 MNH Composers and Opera $0.30
888-9 MNH Galilleo, astronomer and physicist $0.30
890 MNH Nicodemus statue by Michelangelo $0.25
891-2 MNH 150th Ann of the Police Corps $0.30
893 MNH 150th Ann death of Bodoni, printer $0.25
896-8 MNH 7th Congress of European towns $1.00
899-900 MNH Victor Emannuel monument $0.30
901 MNH Verrazano-Narrows bridge in NY, with Verazzano explorer $0.25
902 MNH Stamp Day - Italian spors stamps $0.25
903-8 MNH 20th Ann of Italian resistance in WWII $0.85
910-2 MNH World yachting championships $0.55
913 MNH Opening of Mont Blanc tunnel N/A
914 MNH Alessandro Tassoni, poet $0.25
917-20 MNH Dante, poet $0.70
921 MNH Savings Day $0.25
922-3 MNH Night air postal network $0.30
924 MNH Stamp Day - map of Italy $0.25
925-6 MNH Int'l bobsled championships $0.30
927-9 MNH Winter University Games $0.55
930 MNH Centenary of birth of Benedetto Croce, philosopher, statesmen, historian $0.25
932 MNH Coats of Arms of Venice and other cities $0.25
933 MNH Battle of Bezzecca $0.25
934-7A MNH Flowers N/A
938 MNH Tourist publicity $0.25
939-40 MNH 20th Ann Republic of Italy $0.30
941 MNH Singing angels, sculpture tby Donatello $0.25
944 MNH 700th Ann birth of painter Giotti deBondone - painting of the Madonna $0.25
945 MNH Italian patriots executed in WWI $0.25
946 MNH Stamp day - postrider $0.25
947 MNH Centenary of Italian Geographical Society $0.25
949-50 MNH 10th Ann Treaty of Rome establishing European Common Market $0.30
953-6 MNH National pParks $0.55
957 MNH 400th Ann birth of Monteverdi, composer $0.25
958-60 MNH Bicycle touring $0.95
961 MNH 100th Ann birth of Luigi Pirandello, novelist and dramatist $0.25
962-3 MNH 10th festival of "Two Worlds" $0.30
964-7 MNH Intoduction of postal zone numbers $0.55
968 MNH 50th Ann of Italy's 1st airmail stamp $0.25
969 MNH St Ivo church in Rome, 300th Ann death of Borromini, architect $0.25
970 MNH 100th Ann death of composer Umberto Giordani $0.25
971 MNH 800th Ann Oath of Pondida $0.25
972-3 MNH Int'l Tourism Year $0.30
974 MNH 50th Ann of Lion's Club International $0.25
975 MNH 50th Ann Battle of Piave in WWI $0.25
976 MNH Enrico Fermi, atomic scientist $0.25
977 MNH Stamp Day $0.25
978 MNH Scouting $0.25
981 MNH Aloysius Gonzaga, Jesuit priest $0.25
982 MNH 50th Ann death of composer Arrigo Boito $0.25
983 MNH 50th Ann death of Francesco Baracca, WWI aviator $0.25
984-6 MNH Philosophers and composers $0.40
987-8 MNH Cycling world championships $0.30
989 MNH 200th Ann death of painter Canaletto $0.25
990-5 MNH 50th Ann of the Allied victory in WWI $0.85
996 MNH 50th Ann Postal Checking Service $0.25
997 MNH Space communications $0.25
998 MNH Stamp Day - Development of Postal Services $0.25
999 MNH Memorial medal of the state Audit Bureau $0.25
1002 MNH 500th Ann birth of Machiavelli $0.25
1003-4 MNH 50th Ann of the ILO $0.30
1005 MNH 50th Ann of Italian Philatelic Societies $0.25
1006 MNH Stamp day - stagecoach $0.25
1007-8 MNH Alpine ski championships $0.30
1009-10 MNH Raphael paintings $0.30
1011-2 MNH 50th Ann of flight from Rome to Tokyo $0.30
1015 MNH Bust by Donatello $0.25
1016-7 MNH World University Games $0.30
1018 MNH Dr. Maria Mntessori, educator and physician $0.25
1019 MNH Centenary of Union of Roman States with Italy $0.25
1020 MNH Architecture of Iacopo Sansovino $0.25
1021-2 MNH Garibaldi at Battle of Dijon $0.30
1023-4 MNH 25th nAnn of United Nations $0.30
1025-6 MNH 65th Ann of Rotary Int'l $0.30
1027-8 MNH Telephone dialing system $0.30
1029-30 MNH European Nature Conservation Year $0.30
1031 MNH Stamp Day - trains N/A
1032 MNH Christmas 1970 N/A
1033 MNH Saverio Mercadente, composewr $0.25
1035 MNH Honoring Bramante, architect $0.25
1040-1 MNH 25th Ann Italian Republic - Guiseppe Mazzini and Italian flag N/A
1042-3 MNH Canoe world championships $0.30
1044-5 MNH Youth games with many sports $0.30
1046-8 MNH 25th Ann of Alitalia - Italy's Airlines N/A
1049 MNH Grazia Deledda, novelist N/A
1050-1 MNH Postal Savings Bank N/A
1055-6 MNH Christmas 1971 - miniatures N/A
1077-9 MNH 500th Ann of Dante's Divine Comedy N/A
1098-1102 MNH Also #C140: 50th Ann of military aviation $0.90
1113 MNH 50th Ann assassination of Giovanni Minzoni, priest N/A
1136 MNH Gold Medal of Valor - 50th Ann N/A
1183-4 MNH Biblical paintings N/A
1216-7 MNH 600th Ann death of Bocaccio, writer - woodcut N/A
1221-3 MNH Tourist publicity $0.40
1233 MNH Painting by Titian N/A
1240-2 MNH Stamp Day - nature protection, children's drawings N/A
1280-2 MNH Stamp Day - children's drawings N/A
1310-1 MNH Christmas 1977 - paintings $0.30
1612a MNH Italia '85 stamp exhibition, strip of 3 $2.45
1617a MNH Italia '85 stamp exhibition, strip of 3 $2.10
1619a MNH Italian ceramics - se-tenant pair with label $1.40
1628-9 MNH Folk festivals $1.25
1638-9 MNH Religious paintings N/A
1818 MNH Rimini Music Festival - 40th Ann $0.60
1826 MNH Stamp Day - portrait $0.75
1827 MNH Painting of the Nativity N/A
1828 MNH Flower show $0.75
1860 MNH European indoor track and field championships $0.70
1872 MNH University of Naples N/A
1874 MNH Genoa '92 Int'l stamp exhibition $0.75
1880a MNH Columbus discovers America - 500th Ann block of 4 $2.65
1881-2 MNH 500th Ann Discovery of America N/A
1912 MNH Stamp Day N/A
1915 MNH European market - flags N/A
1918a-l MNH United Europe- buildings made out of national flags. Sheetlet of 12 diff $9.35
1919 MNH 50th Ann veterans of the Battle of Nikolayev in Ukraine N/A
1920-1 MNH 200th Ann death of Carlo Golcini, playwright N/A
1923 MNH National health day N/A
1937-40 MNH Tourism - sites in Italy N/A
1941 MNH World kayaking championships N/A
1981-2 MNH World swimming championships $1.25
1990 MNH European Parliamentary Elections $0.60
2001-2 MNH Stamp day $1.30
2012 MNH World speed skating championships N/A
2021 MNH War memorial $0.65
2031 MNH Volleyball centenary $0.70
2032-5 MNH Tourism - sites in Italy $2.50
2042-5 MNH Tourism - sites in Italy $2.50
2053 MNH 50th Ann FAO $0.75

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