Ordering Help

Ordering online with Wonderful World of Stamps is easy. Simply browse our lists of products until you find something that really grabs your attention, and with our large selection of thousands and thousands of items, it's sure to happen sooner than later. While browsing the lists, you may want to see a picture of certain products. When a product has a picture available, it's description will become a hyperlink which you can click on to see that special product.

Once you come across a product you would like to order, you simply click on the price of that specific item and it will appear in your shopping cart. If you have not shopped online at Wonderful World of Stamps before, you may be prompted to enter some customer information. Once you have entered your customer information (which will not be divulged to anyone), your shopping cart will appear with the item(s) you are going to order. Then simply type in the quantity of each item you'd like to buy, choose the appropriate postage and click on order. A page will be produced which you can print and mail or fax to Wonderful World of Stamps. We do not have a secure online credit billing system at this time and would like to make sure no malicious hackers retrieve your valuable credit card billing information.

Remember, all prices on the lists are in US dollars unless otherwise noted! If you have any questions or comments about your online experience with Wonderful World of Stamps Online please feel free to e-mail us at info@topicalsetc.com or call us at (450) 687-0632. Enjoy your visit!


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