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Ordering online with Wonderful World of Stamps is easy. Our sophisticated search engine allows you to browse through our lists by either topic or country, making it very easy to find what you're looking for. While not all of our items have images as yet, we continue to upload images for older items in stock on a continuing basis. All NEW items are uploaded with images. When an item has an image available, it's description becomes a hyperlink which you can click on to see the image.

•Once you come across a product you would like to order, simply click on the price of that specific item to add it to your shopping cart. If you have not shopped online at Wonderful World of Stamps before, you will be prompted to enter some customer information. Once you have entered your customer information (which will not be divulged to anyone), you will need to add your first item again and then your shopping cart will appear with the item selected. If this is not your first order, your item will immediately be added to the shopping cart. In both cases, now simply type in the quantity of each item you'd like to buy, choose the appropriate postage (which may vary depending on the size/value of your order), and after having finished shopping click order. A page will be produced which you can print and mail or fax to Wonderful World of Stamps. We do not have a secure online credit billing system at this time and would like to make sure no malicious hackers retrieve your valuable credit card billing information. You may view the contents of your shopping cart at any time by clicking on the appropriate link at the top of each list page of our online catalogue.

• Our site is secure, with the latest encryption technology, so that all personal information sent to us via the internet is safe from any third party interception.

PLEASE NOTE: All customer information is treated with the utmost security and confidentiality. We never have and do not intend to sell our confidential lists to any third party, nor do we outsource any work to a third party individual.

Order Information

Pricing - All prices on this site are in US$. Canadian customers may pay either in US$ or the Cdn $ equivalent at the time of ordering. Canadian customers must also pay all applicable taxes whether paying in US or Canadian funds.
Catalogue Numbers - Catalogue #'s used are Scott unless the cat # is preceded by a letter in parenthesis designating the catalogue used. First Day Covers will be noted as FDC. The letters are as follows:
(G) Gibbons
(M) Michel
(Y) Yvert
Some catalogue numbers shown use a hybrid of 3 alpha and 3 numeric digits such as ISR001. This is our own identifying stock number. This number is used because a) we have not been able for one reason or another to identify the item in Scott; b) the Scott number may not yet be available at time of posting the item to our site or; c) the item is unlisted in Scott. While Scott generally lists new items 4-6 months after issue date, sometimes they may take up to 2-3 years to list certain items, until they verify the authenticity of the item. Consequently, if an item is noted as unlisted, it may or may not be a valid postage item, which is undetermined at the time of listing.
Minimum Order - The minimum order from this site is $15.
Postage - There is a minimum postage and handling fee of $2 anywhere in Canada, $3 to the USA, and $4 anywhere in the world. (These minimums have not changed in 5 years although Canada Post has posted an increase in almost everyone of the past 5 years). All our material is carefully packed in cardboard mailers to prevent damages. Where the weight will exceed the minimum, the actual postage costs will be charged. For larger orders we suggest insurance at $1.50, and for VERY large orders registration which is $5.90 in Canada and $11.95 in the US and overseas.
These prices may change somewhat if the currency rates between Canadian and US $ changes dramatically. (Prices are all in US$).
Shipments - Shipments are generally made within 24-48 hours after your order and payment has arrived by whatever means sent, except when there is a holiday. When we are away at a stamp show, (appx 10-12 times a year), shipment may take as long as 7-10 days. If we are away longer from our site (on vacation), notification will be prominently posted on our home page. In any event, all shows will be posted on our home page.
Condition and Guarantee - All stamps are mint never hinged unless stated otherwise. Please rest assured that we make every effort to ship only items of high quality. We do want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. In the unlikely event you are not, please let us know by email and we will make the necessary adjustments where warranted. Please DO NOT return items before e-mailing us with the problem.

Cheques - We accept all cheques drawn on either a Canadian or US bank. In most instances we ship immediately upon receipt of cheque. However, we may require time for cheque clearance if you are a new customer, or the cheque is for a significant amount. This is at our discretion, and we will advise you by e-mail if there is a delay.
PayPal - We accept PayPal only in US$. Payment is to be made to: info@topicalsetc.com
Credit Cards - We accept both Visa and Mastercard. Sorry, we do not accept AMEX or Diners Club and Discover is not available in Canada. Please note that all credit card charges (except via Pay-Pal), are converted into Canadian currency at the official rate of exchange in effect on the day your order is processed. It will be re-converted to the currency of your card/country when you are billed. Please note: All credit card companies charge a 2-3% administration charge on purchases in or from a foreign country (other than your own). This is not shown on your credit card statement, and is included in the exchange rate when billed by your bank. We have no control over this charge; if you wish to avoid it, you may elect instead to pay by cheque.
Money Orders - Canadian and US Postal Money Orders are accepted, as are Western Union and International US$ money orders drawn on a US bank.
Cash - We do not encourage mailing cash. However, if you have no alternative, we will accept cash in CANADIAN or US $, Euros or British pounds rounded upwards to the nearest note denomination. Do not send coins. Cash payments are strictly at your risk. If you do send cash, wrap the notes in a sheet of paper and send in a regular mailing envelope, via registered mail if possible.

In addition to WONDERFUL WORLD OF STAMPS we operate 2 other sites as well.
DOLLAR STAMP STORE - is our topical site where we offer tens of thousands of topical stamps, sets, souvenir sheets, maximum cards, First Day Leafs, commercial covers, Russian and other locals, etc. from around the world, all with images for only $1 per item.
JUDAICA SALES REG'D - For collectors of Israel stamps and covers, Judaica stamps and covers, and all other types of Judaica paper collectibles. Our site is the biggest in the world, with thousands of items and images to satisfy beginner and advanced collector alike.

Our site is only as good as our customers make it, so we want to hear from you.
If there are errors, whether descriptions or image errors, or anything else, please let us know. We will make every effort to make corrections as soon as possible.
Let us know how our site compares to other sites as far as efficiency and ease of navigation is concerned.
If our service is good, let all your collecting friends know about our site. If our service is bad, let us know immediately so we can correct any deficiencies and count you as a happy and satisfied customer.

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